The developing of my own video games is one of my main hobbies. In the beginning I developed my games with Game Editor and Game Maker. I eventually changed to the programming language C++, which gives me more freedom in game and software creation. Today, I'm combining it with the Lua scripting language, because I fell in love with scripting languages and closures, which are handy in Lua and JavaScript.

Being a retro Nintendo freak it's my dream to make games for real video game consoles, however not everybody has access or permission to develop for these. It might be easier today to publish so called indie games on game consoles, but my games must be completely original (gameplay, graphics, sound), which many of my current creations and plans don't comply with. That's why my games are currently only available on the PC.

Coming soon

There are several projects I'm planning or working on. Most of them will be developed for PC (Linux/Windows), but some of them might be created for the web (browser games).

Despite being quite popular, I'm not gonna make games for mobile phones.

3106 AD: Space Battle

Work in progress.

Many more projects... be announed.

Ancient Games

Well... quite old creations of mine. Available for Windows only.

Collect the Coins

A game of skill.


A simple 2D platformer with 4 levels.


The classical Pac-Man just programmed myself.